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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Question

    3. Why is learning data analysis so important?

    4. Quiz

    5. Why are you learning data analysis?

    6. What is data analysis?

    7. Quiz

    8. An example of a data analyst's job

    9. Quiz

    10. Course outline and a special message

    11. Coming up next...

    12. Question

    13. Engagement & Support

    14. Survey

    1. What is data?

    2. Quiz

    3. Creating our first dataset

    4. Types of variables

    5. Quiz

    6. Adding variables to our dataset

    7. Quiz

    8. Dummy variables

    9. Quiz

    10. Adding a dummy to our dataset

    11. Quiz

    12. Out-of-the-box question!

    13. Structured vs. unstructured data

    14. Quiz

    15. Adding unstructured data to our dataset

    16. Quiz

    17. How to collect data

    18. Quiz

    19. Collecting data for our dataset

    20. Quiz

    21. Recap of understanding data

    22. Eisen Challenge

    1. Tidy data

    2. Quiz

    3. Methods of data manipulation

    4. Quiz

    5. Merge

    6. Quiz

    7. Optional quiz

    8. Aggregate

    9. Quiz

    10. Optional quiz

    11. Create new variables

    12. Quiz

    13. Filter

    14. Quiz

    15. Recap of cleaning data

    16. Eisen Challenge

    1. What is descriptive statistics?

    2. Mean

    3. Quiz

    4. Out-of-the-box question!

    5. Median

    6. Quiz

    7. Mode

    8. Quiz

    9. Standard deviation

    10. Quiz

    11. Variance

    12. Quiz

    13. Range

    14. Quiz

    15. Percentiles and quartiles

    16. Quiz

    17. Correlation

    18. Quiz

    19. Recap of descriptive statistics

    20. Eisen Challenge

    1. Intro to data visualization

    2. Bar chart

    3. Quiz

    4. Pie chart

    5. Quiz

    6. Line plot

    7. Quiz

    8. Scatter plot

    9. Quiz

    10. Histogram

    11. Quiz

    12. Advanced visualizations

    13. Reactive visualizations

    14. How to choose the proper chart

    15. Data storytelling

    16. Data design

    17. Final project instructions

    18. Final project submission

    19. Congratulations!

    1. Let's get started!

    2. Mobile app 1: health tracker

    3. Mobile app 2: favorite books

    4. Mobile app 3: customer feedback survey

    5. Final Eisen Challenge

About this course

  • 96 lessons

What our students are saying

“I thought the course was super cool and I learned a lot. I got into a world that I had never thought of (data analysis) and now I'm going for it!”

Pedro G.

“Well done, the course was so interesting that you started converting a young girl from the humanities to STEM!”

Ludimila S.

You will learn:

  • What data is and how it is structured in a dataset

  • To collect data and get it ready for analysis

  • To analyze data using descriptive statistics and correlation analysis

  • To create basic and advanced visualizations, and to make them reactive

  • To apply concepts of data storytelling and data design

  • To conduct a data-driven project from beginning to end

  • To create real-time data-driven dashboards and turn them into mobile apps


  • What makes this course different than other courses out there?

    This is the only data analysis course that uses Eisengard AI, an easy-to-use platform that allows us to spend more time teaching you how to apply data analysis concepts and techniques in practice instead of focusing on how to learn a specific platform or programming language.

  • Do I need to know R, Python, or any other programming language to take this course?

    No! This course uses Eisengard AI, a no-code platform that will allow you to conduct sophisticated analyses and visualizations without the headache of learning how to code.

  • How much time does it take to complete the course?

    The course is broken into 5 modules, each module getting progressively more challenging. We recommend spending one hour per day on the course and it takes most of our students around 5 weeks to finish. That being said, the course is self-paced and you can take as little or as much time as you'd like to become a data analyst!

  • What happens if I need help?

    We are here to help. If you need help on your course, or run into any problems you can email We are also in the process of creating a community of (future) analyst to be able to help each other. More information to come.

  • Are there any prerequisites for taking this course?

    No! This course is designed to start at the very beginning, assuming you know nothing about data. However, those who already have experience working with data definitely still say they learn a lot!

  • Can I get school credit for taking the course?

    As of now, no. However, we are working on getting this course approved at both high school and collegiate levels.

  • Will I get a certificate when I finish?

    Yes! Once you have submitted your final project and it has been approved, you will be awarded a data analysis certificate, which you can include on your resume and can be posted on LinkedIn.

  • Does the course help me build a portfolio?

    Yes, the entire course is tailored towards creating a final project. While we will give you the structure and tips on how to create a professional data-driven project, you will have a lot of freedom on choosing the topic and analyses/visualizations, making it perfect to showcase your data analysis abilities, creativity, and critical thinking. You'll leave this course with a fully functional interactive dashboard, which is an impressive piece for your data portfolio!

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